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A Whole Week of No-Cook Sides — Sensational Sides

Pinto Bean Salsa Salad

When it comes to favorite sides, FN Dish is on a no-cook kick. That means no stove, no oven, no grill, no Bunsen burner. Rather than charring, boiling or sauteing veggies down, we’re digging into a week’s work of no-cook sides that’ll breathe serious life into your weekly repertoire. Call it your last-minute “raw” cleanse before swim suit season, or just think it as a way of keeping things ultra-fresh.

Day 1: Despite its name, Pinto Bean Salsa Salad (pictured above) is more than just a condiment. Instead, it’s a chunky, spicy and colorful combination that’s good even without a tortilla chip.

Day 2: Some of the best no-cook sides just take some avid knife work. Take the Tomato, Onion and Cucumber Salad. After slicing the ingredients up, all there’s left to do is toss in an easy red-wine vinaigrette.

Day 3: The inventor of the soup-and-salad combo was really onto something. Soup works so well as a side that you can’t let the warmer weather stop you this summer. Tyler’s refreshing Watermelon Gazpacho ensures your side-of-soup ways will stay in play this summer.

Day 4: Turn to your mandoline for a fruity No-Cook Beet-Orange Salad by Food Network Magazine. Alongside a more savory main, it’s a great way to put the last of those extra-juicy in-season oranges to use.

Day 5: With the help of your vegetable peeler, you can turn Carrot, Date and Feta Salad into the most elegant no-cook side of all. Despite their ethereal wispiness, the long, shaved carrots keep their crunch thanks to this winning dinner-party trick.

Day 6: Rather than clinging to lettuce for a dose of green, Bobby tosses his light and healthy Zucchini Salad with fresh flat-leaf parsley, basil and mint leaves.

Day 7: It’ll be backyard barbecue season in no time. Alex’s Tomato and Watermelon Salad embodies the bounty of summer in every bite.

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Posted by FN Dish Editor

15th May, 2014

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