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Cooking Spanish Churros in Madrid

The churro is a dough made of wheat flour cooked in oil. With origins in the Iberian Peninsula, chocolate churros are a food called ‘ fruit pan “widespread in countries like Argentina, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Venezuela, Cuba, Portugal, Panama, France and Brazil.

A variant of fritters, and thicker, are batons made with a dough-like chocolate churros, but incorporating some sort of chemical or organic yeast, making them more spongy. Overall fry in a big thread then cut with scissors into smaller pieces.

When the oil is hot and usually pour the threads, hand cut, leaving the chocolate churros. It is at this moment when you decide to make the chocolate churros churrero online or in a loop. During frying the star shape is because the mass grows much to heat and seal the outer surface oil. If you do not have this form, explode on contact with the hot oil. The fried dough fritters thirty takes about two or three minutes and usually take a skewer that threaded the chocolate churros. Sometimes he uses a skimmer. Although in some places the chocolate churros are still hanging on reeds, now served on paper.

In certain regions of Spain, such as Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha, to the cheers he called hotcakes. And chocolate churros, chocolate churros fine or small. In what is called a baton is to the end of the spiral, which is usually thicker and shaped claw.

In Spain in parts of Valencia, Andalusia, Madrid, Canary Islands and Catalonia as well as the chocolate churros are made wheels or batons, fried product spiral thicker than the chocolate churros. In Madrid, Valencia, Catalonia and Canary usual breakfast is chocolate con churros, ie, chocolate churros accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate to be the wetting before eating. In Mexico the chocolate churros are thicker and cinnamon sprinkled them, you can find stuffed chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and are considered a dessert, but also offer just sugary.

In Uruguay are common chocolate churros stuffed with dulce de leche and even custard and sprinkled with sugar. In Brazil, the chocolate churros are popularly sold in the streets and they sprinkle sugar and cinnamon. They are thicker and have generally filling milk candy, but also popular are of chocolate, goiabada, condensed milk, coconut and others.

In Dominican Republic the chocolate churros are purchased in small street stalls and bakeries, and sold powdered sugar or filled with some sweet as strawberry jam, chocolate, sweet lemon, caramel, bavaria or nutella.

In Venezuela it is very common to find special fast food shops chocolate churros, being “Churro Mania” one of the best known. They are very commonly accompany caramel and cinnamon and sugar, or chocolate. They are also found in some places the famous chocolate churros Rellenos, which are thick and filled with cream.

The consumption of chocolate churros is higher in the winter months, dropping its demand in the summer months. Most commonly, serve with hot drinks such as the hot chocolate, coffee, etc, but also common dipping in anise. They are served as soon as possible after making the chocolate churros. They can be served as is out, or sprinkled with sugar of various grades.

Normally you buy churros churro stand on (Churrería), which is often located on main streets, squares and markets. In Spain, they usually eat at any time, but particularly sought after are the churros dipped in thick hot chocolate, early in the morning or at night on the way home after a party. In addition, you can eat them sprinkled with vanilla sugar or cinnamon. Churros are particularly fond of the traditional New Year’s Day after New Year’s Eve Party eaten.



Posted by katalina viana

23rd July, 2016

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