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New Ways To Heat-Style Your Hair

For many of us, heat-styling our hair — whether we're getting a blowout or straightening some unruly strands — is as simple as it gets. We know our tools, and we know how to use them. But, technology and techniques have become super advanced recently. Professional hairstylists are getting in on the action, so why aren't we?

So, we called in hairstylist Monaé Everett from Hair Room Service and asked her to show us the latest and greatest in heat magic. We're talking steaming, hood dryers, and whole new ways to use your flat iron: You'll never look at your hair routine the same way again.

Click through to learn the latest tricks for your heat-styling tools.

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Hood-Dryer Curls
Hood dryers are kind of magic: They attach to your hairdryer and allow you to disperse heat evenly over your whole head. It's a great way to achieve gorgeous, natural-looking curls, like these.

Prep your hair with a a strong-hold mousse (Everett likes this one, by Osis). Your hair can be damp or dry to do this. Then, take a section of your hair and twist it. The bigger the section, the looser your curl will be.

Twist the section into a bantu knot, and pin it in place.

Continue to twist and pin around your whole head. "You don't need to make clean parts between the bantu knots," Everett notes. "Zigzags and jagged lines are good."

Fasten your hood dryer to your blowdryer, and then put it over your head. Everett suggests resting the hairdryer on a counter or a chair, so you can do your makeup while it's drying. Let it set for about 15 minutes, or until your hair is completely dry. Then, take off the hood.

Let your hair cool completely. This will make sure the curl pattern sets.

Remove all the pins. "Don't touch the coils yet, just let them fall," Everett says.

Once all the pins are out, run your hair gently through the coils, and tousle it.

The final result? Perfectly messy, cool-girl curls.

Steamed Waves
Using steam to style your hair helps add shine by sealing the cuticle and controlling flyaways, Everett explains. So, we thought it would be a great tool to use for polished, sophisticated waves. Make sure to completely detangle your hair before you begin.

Fill the iron with distilled water and allow it to heat up. Then, on dry hair, close the clamp over a section of your locks. Wrap the hair around the iron once, and then pull the iron through the entire strand, keeping it looped around the shaft. This will create a loose curl pattern.

Redken Steam Infusion Iron, $200, Redken for salons.

Continue to do this all over your head. After you pull the iron through each strand, give the section a quick twist with your fingers to emphasize the curl pattern.

Once your full head is complete, run your hands through your hair. "Really get in there," Everett says.

Bouncy, shiny waves — what more could a girl want?

This is a great casual look, but because it's so polished, we like it for fancier occasions, too.

Steamed Sleek
Sure, you could just straighten your hair with your go-to flat iron. But, after seeing the kind of polish we got making waves with the steamer, we thought we'd give a straighter look a try. Again, make sure to detangle completely before using this tool.

To get this look, simply use your steam styler like it's a hair straightener, running it along small sections of hair.

The steam will help give you a super sleek finish.

The steam iron has plastic teeth on one side, which holds the hair in place while you pull it through, Everett explains, making it easy to use.

The final result is pin-straight and incredibly shiny — perfect for fall.

Pin Curls With A Straightener
Now, it's time to figure out a new use for our actual straighteners. Everett showed us how to do a vintage-inspired updo with pin curls.

Make a deep side-part, and create two triangular sections on either side of it. Pin one section out of the way.

Then, take a small piece of your first section and bend it close to the root into an "S" shape. Clamp the iron over it for a few seconds.

Make another bend in your hair below that first curve, and set that with the straightener as well. Continue to bend and set along the length of your strand.

When you get to the bottom of the strand, twist it gently to give the curl more definition.

Continue to curl all of the pieces in the triangular sections. "Direct the waves in opposite directions for a more modern feel," says Everett.

Take the hair in the back and twist it. Then, put it into place.

Now, for the fun part. Take the curls from the front and pin them back. "Don't worry about making it too perfect," says Everett, noting that you can brush the curls if they look too solid.

As you pin back the curls, you can fasten them into the twist or leave the ends out for more texture.

This is a look that'll be fabulous on any hair texture.

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