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The Best Way To Discover A New Workout Song

Your yoga instructors are on to something. That track they use during the final set of sun salutations is intentionally uplifting — it’s like the powerful beat is whispering to you that yes, you CAN do this.

Create your own ultimate playlist (for any scenario) by heading to the gym and snagging their favorite tracks. (Yep, that's our advice — use it as another reason to go in the first place.) To make your life easier, use this app to make capturing the tunes hassle-free. Then reconfigure, edit, and improve upon as you see fit.

This trend of “fitness instructors as DJs” isn’t new. And, plenty of studios are now incorporating traditional DJs into live group fitness classes. The undeniable connection between music and fitness isn't going unnoticed — in fact, musicians are now turning to various workout brands including SoulCycle and Zumba as outlets for releasing new tracks.

Or, you can always score the tracks without the sweat by checking out our Power Playlists, which are curated by top instructors for every type of workout. But, you know, make sure you actually hit the gym with them.

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Posted by katalina viana

13th November, 2014

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